Book Review: Pulse


ashley | Whe​n​ I was younger, I had a reoccurring dream where if I flapped my arms fast enough, I could fly. When John Freitas sent me a copy of his book Pulse, the idea of gravity failing and the essence of floating off the ground becoming a reality, it definitely resonated with me. I mean, who hasn’t wanted to fly?

​Upon first picking this up, I have to admit that I found the writing not what I was used to. There wasn’t a lot of extra embellishments; this was what was happening and this was how that made people feel and that was that, which is always what I struggle with in shorter stories. But those things that were happening and these people who were reacting were actually quite interesting to me and I found that I was pulled into their lives quickly and cared about their well being without any extra additives to pump up the story. That doesn’t happen to me a lot.

This is a super short read, definitely one you can get through in one sitting. I liked the concept of it a lot, but I had the same issues as I always do with short stories – it’s too short to delve into much detail or character development and as such, it feels a bit flat and rushed at the end.

That said, it did hold me interest through it and I was really curious to see what happened and how things ended up. If you’re looking for a quick sci-fi read to wet your palette, this definitely quenches that thirst.


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february, 2016

copy provided for honest review by
author John Freitas