Book Review: The Love That Split The World


ashley | I bought The Love That Split The World by Emily Henry on blind faith. You know sometimes you just have a feeling about a book? That is going to be great no matter what it’s even about? I had that feeling with this and by the third page I was already head over heels in love with it.

It’s kind of fitting though, my blind faith, these feelings. There are so many things in this book that can’t be easily explained, things that Natalie knows and feels are real, but are too impossible to be so.

I loved so much about this. Pretty much everything. I loved Natalie and her feistiness, her typical high school search for self.​ I found her really relatable and that she reacted logically to things that were happening to her​.

 I loved her friendship with Megan, such a loyal friend who trusted and believed Natalie wholeheartedly no matter how crazy she sounded. I loved Natalie’s family, they were a mix of characters but they all had each other’s backs when it counted. There are some really strong bonds in the book between friends and family and I really liked how it all came together.

The science and information about the dreams and hallucinations and brain function was very thorough but easy to understand. It was a great balance of supporting information so you know it’s accurate, but not too much so that it’s weighing things down and taking away from the story or making it too much about that phenomena.

​There was a point of conflict for me, though. Something that kind of interfered with my non stop love — that being the usual instalove. It was strong with this one, considering the majority of the book is based on this love. BUT, I actually really liked Natalie and Beau and I absolutely LOVED where this story went, so I’m letting this slide and still going with my 5-star rating because wow, that ending.

No spoilers, but within the last quarter of the book, the pieces finally started coming together for me (big plus, it wasn’t easy to decipher it all right from the start)​ and I was just so super excited about it. As reasoning unraveled and the whole thing was laid out for us, not only was it written so well and clear and concise, it was just an awesome concept that I really, really loved.​ 

This book was exactly what I was expecting and hoping it would be. It had beautiful writing, great well rounded characters, lots of strong messages about high school and guilt and blame, a wicked smart ending and, frankly, an epic love that literally split the world. I loved it.


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january 26, 2016