Book Review: Walk in the Flesh


ashley | We’ve been receiving a lot of emails from authors lately with review requests for books that we likely might not have stumbled on otherwise. I’m usually pretty open to taking a chance on anything, not expecting too much, but I’ve had some great successes with these leaps of faith and Peter Bailey’s Walk in the Flesh was no exception.

Things started off quite quickly and never really let up. Pieces of what was happening came together quickly, but everything wasn’t entirely clear, keeping me on my toes and flipping pages at a rapid pace. The story itself was super interesting; there was conspiracy and revenge and science, a mix of sci-fi and action and thrillers, lots of exciting details all bundled into one without seeming all over the place. The writing was strong, the scientific explanations were clear and not overly complicated but seemed well researched and believable, the motivations and drive behind the characters and behind the conspiracies weren’t farfetched.

There was also some pretty strong messaging about foreign countries, specifically in the way that they treat their women, that I found surprising but definitely a welcomed aspect. This is a strong component of the book and I thought Bailey did a really great job representing these oppressed women and giving them a voice.  But man, these scenes were truly horrifying.

I found things got a little complicated towards the end and I wasn’t sure I entirely followed where things were heading, but I liked that I wasn’t expecting the turn of events and I certainly wasn’t expecting the ending. This really kept me on my toes throughout and I didn’t find there were any lulls or points that dragged me down.

This is definitely not for the weak hearted or weak stomached, though. There are some pretty graphic scenes of violence and descriptive science that deals vividly with body parts. And the whole premise is actually quite frightening, when you look at how close we could be to a similar situation in this day and age. But that’s what I loved about this and why I really enjoyed it overall. This was well written and not overdone, but definitely be warned that the descriptions will haunt you and Bailey, much like his character Neil, shows no mercy.


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december, 2014

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