Book Review: Bentwhistle the Dragon in a Threat from the Bast by Paul Cude

If you missed it yesterday, we did a Q&A with author Paul Cude about his Bentwhistle the Dragon fantasy adventure series. Here is the review of the first book, Bentwhistle the Dragon in a Threat from the Past.

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ashley | I’ve said this plenty before, but I am so bad for judging books by their covers. I have to admit, when Paul Cuddy approached me to read Bentwhistle the Dragon in A Threat from the Past, the first book in his series Bentwhistle the Dragon series, I was a bit caught up on the cover. But the story seemed really unique and different and that is what ultimately drew me in.

I don’t read a lot of real fantasy, so I wasn’t sure what I was in for, which was actually a great way to approach this book because Cuddy has built an incredible fantasy world where Dragons can morph into humans, play hockey and have their own telepathic newsletter. There were so many little details that came together to make this a really cool world for me. I think that’s one of my favourite things about books like this – the world building – and I was immediately smitten with this world.

There was a lot I loved about this, but at times, the story seemed to get a bit overwhelmed with day to day details that caused the pace to lag a little bit. And while I really liked the way Cuddy humanized the dragons and how hockey, sports and food were such a big part of their lives, there was a lot of text spent on these subjects that probably could have been a little trimmed down a little bit more as to not derail too far from the main story arc.

Because frankly, I really liked the story arc. I liked how the dragon lore was weaved into this new situation and how throughout you weren’t really entirely sure who this mysterious Manson was. There were intriguing characters and the whole Dragon lore and mantras and details about the dragon world were really well done, it really drew me in.

I definitely felt some Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter feels along the way, too, which was great for me. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of this book and definitely think it’s worth the read.


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october 19, 2011

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