Book Review: Forget Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn


ashley | I haven’t been this excited over the premise of a book in a long time. I love books about predetermined fates and anything to do with time – time travel,  glimpses of the future, other dimensions, etc. Forget Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn didn’t sound like anything I had read before. And look at that cover! Breathtaking.

First of all, Callie and I have the same birthday. So we are automatically kindred spirits. I liked her a lot as a character, driven by her love of her sister and the greater good, aware of her own selfishness and selfish desires, yet not overtaken by them. She didn’t barrel into things without thinking, all of her actions put other people before herself, even when she didn’t want to.

What I thought was super cool about this was that unlike most books of this genre, when Callie finds out that she is supposed to be arrested for something her future self is going to do, she doesn’t run and hide and rebel. She turns herself in. The first half of the book shows Callie in confinement, not trying to cause an uproar, just trying to keep her fate from becoming what it’s supposedly destined for. It’s just become unexpected from such situations and I enjoyed the curve ball.

As always, there is the unsurprising romantic storyline. I liked the budding romance between Callie and Logan, I think for the most part their affection for each other made them a stronger team and was what drove them to push forward through some of the more difficult things. Even though their union – or reunion – was pretty new, it didn’t seem rushed and it wasn’t the dreaded instalove that I’ve grown to loathe.  That said, there was that one lull in the middle where the spent far too much time going back and forth about having to separate. I got it, they didn’t want to leave each other, and they were both well aware of what they had to do, what was right, but we didn’t need to hash and rehash the same arguments over and over again. I thought this part could have been a bit tighter so we could get back  to the real story here… the future memories.

Because ultimately, the whole idea of this story was great. I loved everything about it, even though for the most part I was a step ahead of the text from early on, I could see where things were going to go and who the key players were going to be. The story is interestingly unique, the concept of future memories was really cool and kind of intriguing, part of me thinks it would have been nice to have a bit of reassurance and guidance at 17. And the ending, there were some good twists and a strong climax. This was a great read and I’m really excited to see what comes next.


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november 3, 2015