Book Review: False Prophet by Richard Davis


ashley | False Prophet is another book that found its way to me after author Richard Davis reached out to us for review. This time, however, I didn’t hesitate in accepting a copy. It sounded right up my alley and it started off with a man reading his own obituary in the paper. My attention was definitely caught.

I really liked Davis’ written voice. There was a nonchalant casualness to it; it read and flowed very naturally. But it’s also written very well. It’s tight and descriptive in just the right areas and has a real storyteller vibe to it. It feels more like the first person narrator is actually recounting his story to me in person, not through words on a page. I liked this a lot.

There are a few different angles this story comes at you from, which means there are a few different characters, which means things can get a bit complicated in trying to keep everything straight. I’m not always the best at not getting overwhelmed in situations like this, but what I did like about it was that Davis lets you know early on that all these people are connected and do have a large role in the story, as to avoid the frustrating feeling of wondering why we’re bothering to meet this person when you want to know more about the other guy. And as things level out, all the extra information levels out too and you don’t end up feeling overwhelmed and the story doesn’t get polluted. Once certain things are established, things take off quickly and never really stop.

I really enjoyed this read and I hate to admit I wasn’t expecting that. Which made me enjoy this even more. The terrorist cult is a great idea to base the plot on, the different twists along the way definitely kept me on my toes. This was very cleverly thought out and well written and just an enjoyable thriller all the way through.


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january 25, 2016

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