Book Review: The Night Sister by Jennifer McMahon


ashley | I jumped into The Night Sister by Jennifer McMahon quite quickly after Penguin Random House Canada invited me to partake in their Book Club Discussion on GoodReads. I missed out on the last one and was really looking forward to reading through this with all the other members, especially since it promised to be a creepy and suspenseful read. My favourite.

There is nothing I love more, and nothing that scares me more, than old folklore and The Night Sister has plenty of those stories scattered throughout. Not to mention a spooky old motel and young, bored girls with wild imaginations. I felt so nostalgic for my own childhood, remembering the thrill and excitement of trying to find adventure or mysteries to solve or haunting secrets to unravel.

The book shifts between 1989 and 2013, between the viewpoints of Rose, Jason and Piper all very rapidly. It could make the reader a bit confused, how quickly and how much it all jumps around, but for me, I read this in nearly one sitting, that’s how much it drew me in, so it wasn’t too hard to keep track of what character or year things were taking place in.

Like these time shifts, my own opinion of what was happening kept shifting and I loved that. You quickly start to pick upon certain, more logical explanations for things that are happening and assume that’s what is really going on, but then something supernatural happens again that makes you question whether this really is going to be a wild story. I was straddling the line between reality and the unbelievable and that is right where I like to be standing.

The ending wasn’t anything mind blowing, it all wrapped up pretty much like I expected after the pieces started to fall together, but that isn’t to say I was disappointed. This was the kind of book that cleverly litters clues throughout it and vaguely makes mention of something without going into details to make the reader want to scream “What did you find! TELL ME!”. It was the kind of book that had me ripping through pages, wanting to know what came next. Maybe I missed some glaring details, but like I said, I was straddling a thin line of belief through most of this and really didn’t know what side of the line I would end up on until the end.

McMahon is a great story teller, someone I’d want to share my campfire with.


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march 8, 2016