Book Review: Winter by Marissa Meyer


ashley | My goal for the (long past) holidays was to read Scarlet and Cress so come the new year, I could finish Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles with the much anticipated Winter. Now that I’ve finished it, I don’t even know what to say. I thought this was a perfect ending to a surprisingly enjoyable series.

Meyer has been consistent through each book; everything moved quickly, there weren’t any scenes or people that existed without any real impact on the story. Everything was a tight machine and Winter was no different. Though it was much longer and perhaps took a while to get to the end, it was still nonstop action until the very end.

As I’ve said before, I loved how four different fairy tale characters were woven into one epic story so seamlessly. Even in the end, each person had a distinct role in what happened. I also liked how elements from the traditional tales were included in each book, it was interesting to see the sci-fi twist on poison apples and wolves and these enchanted elements.

I also really liked each female’s male counterpart. It was a bit too perfect how they all had their soul mates on the same crew like that but it actually worked well and the dynamic between each pair was unique and each made me fan girl squeal a few times, I kind of felt like Iko a time or two.

And let’s talk about Levana for a minute. You know you have written a stong villain character when your readers actually have nightmares about her. Seriously, I had a dream one night she was feeding my feet to piranhas because I wouldn’t give her information. That is one wicked queen.

But mostly I liked that the ending wasn’t perfectly tied up with a pretty bow. It wasn’t the traditional happily ever after, at least not yet, and I really loved that. It spoke to Cinder’s character, made everything she has fought for seem legit in the end. She wasn’t just chasing the throne or her prince charming, she really was trying to do best by her people and that shows in the choices she makes at the end.

I couldn’t have been more pleased with how this series ended and I’m still surprised by how much I enjoyed it all. I was explaining the premise of the series to my brother and I felt silly listening to the words coming out of my mouth, but the reality is, this series is not at all cheesy or silly, its well crafted and well written and a wonderful escape from reality, everything you want from a fairy tale.


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november 10, 2015