Book Review: Blackhearts by Nicole Castroman


ashley | I’ve been obsessed with the show Black Sails for some time now. As the third season ended I felt a giant pirate void, so it was perfect timing when I picked up Blackhearts by Nicole Castroman. A little bit of pirate, a little bit of love, and a whole lot of adventure. That’s exactly what I needed to satisfy my sea legs.

This didn’t turn out to be quite what I was expecting; there was definitely far more romance than swashbuckling adventures. That isn’t to say it was bad, I actually quite liked the romance here – it was done in such a way that it didn’t define everything, even though that’s ultimately the only progression, and it certainly wasn’t instalove, which would have really discredited the characters and the story. It was actually quite a dreamy and romantic tale when you weave in notions of pirates and the difference in status among the two characters Anne and Edward Teach Drummond.

Of course I loved Anne. She was high spirited and always forgetting her place, never able to hold her tongue, which was the perfect match for Teach. The two of them had such an electric spark from the very start, but the trust and respect and admiration for each other definitely took its time to grow and mature. I enjoyed watching it blossom.

The backstory about Anne’s father and her proper place in society added another level of interest and another layer of character to her. And how this briefly saved and then derailed her plans was a nice little twist to things. All these smaller points came together to build this interesting story.

There were also some subtle moments that really focused on slavery and how people reacted to how different Anne was, even when she was in a lady’s position. It was an important addition for the time and for the story and spoke wildly to Teach’s character, who wasn’t at all phased by this, and to the character of others in their lives.

Like most first books in a series, a lot of this set things up for exciting adventure to come. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t even set to the seas at all in this book, but I can’t wait to see how these two fair on the high seas and will happily pick up the next book as soon as I possibly can (edit: the Blacksouls cover was just revealed recently and it’s pretty kickass).


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february 9, 2016