Book Review: Reflections of Queen Snow White by David Meredith


ashley | When David Meredith approached us to review his book The Reflections of Queen Snow White, I was still reeling off finishing the Lunar Chronicles and was anxious to jump back into the fairy-tale world. But this wasn’t just some modernized retelling, what Meredith did with the Snow White story was something I was not at all expecting.

Like the dreamy air of a fairy-tale, The Reflections of Queen Snow White starts out pretty dreamy as well. The prose is so flowery and descriptive; you’re put into a bit of a hypnotic state. But it’s also very sad. You realize quite quickly that this isn’t a light hearted retelling of Snow White, but is more of a self analysis, a reflection if you will, for an older Snow White as she looks back on her life and tries to come to terms with her current grief and find her self-confidence and strength. Through the infamous mirror on the wall, Snow White takes a long hard look within herself to regain her sense of being.

I really liked this original take. There was a little bit of fairy tale story during these reflective moments in the mirror, but most of the story was about Snow White revisiting these key moments in her life to remember the lessons learned so she can move forward. These flashbacks were also pretty unique in their own right, going off script and describing events that fit really well with the story we know, but are completely new to the reader. It all meshed so well and made for a very interesting addition.

I wasn’t expecting this turn of events at all but I really loved where Meredith took this. It was equal parts sad and dark and dreamy, which is a nice combination you don’t get too often. And the written voice held a Shakespearian fairy tale tone that added to the entire feel of the story. If you can’t get enough of these fairy-tale retellings, Meredith really does something very moving with this one and it’s definitely worth the experience.


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october 2, 2013

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