Book Review: Star Racers by Martin Felando


ashley | I’m not going to lie, when Martin Felando reached out to us with his book Star Racers – a “fun fast-paced space opera”, part of me immediately thought STAR WARS! Another part of me thought FIREFLY! And the rest of me knew I had to read this book. While this reminded me of a ton of different pop culture elements, it was also a very striking, fast paced space adventure which I quite enjoyed.

For me, world building is of the utmost importance in books like this and it’s clearly Felando’s strong suit. I loved exploring his world through his words and descriptions, I loved learning about the different cultures and traditions of each different world. I could vividly visualize each creature and character. Tech robots that are basically your right hand man, a smart shirt that displays your feelings and thoughts, dolls that do battle; there were so many really cool and creative things in this and all of this was really great. I love the creativity and imagination that goes into sci-fi books like this. It’s so exciting to think of what our world could be and so exciting to explore so many different worlds, even if they are only birthed from a writer’s brain.

I liked how the story was told in the present, with flashbacks to before the Draft Race. It was interesting to be able to build our characters first and then learn about how they got to be where they were. There were a lot of characters, though. A lot of things to remember and keep track of. And a lot of things happening. Like I said, it moves pretty quickly.

The Grand Battle race is of course the climax of the book and it doesn’t disappoint. I could see the whole thing play out in my head like a movie, which I love and speaks volumes for Felando’s writing. This entire book adapts visually really easily, it would be really cool seeing all of these colourful characters and action scenes come to life.

This was a great space adventure with a little taste of a few other genres and I really, really enjoyed the trip.


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february 18, 2016

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