Book Review: The Lie by C.L. Taylor


ashley | I’m a sucker for books like The Lie by C.L. Taylor. I love a good suspense thriller full of secrets and, well, lies, and this didn’t disappoint. I was tearing through page after page anxious to see how it all unraveled.

The story is split in two parts, like our lead Jane is split into two people – Jane and Emma. Things start in the present with Jane, flipping back 5 years ago to Emma. What I found the most interesting about this is that I loved Jane, I thought she was great, but Emma, I couldn’t stand Emma. Something about her rubbed me the wrong way. She wasn’t a bad person, but she wasn’t a great one, either. Funny how I could have two conflicting feelings about the same person.

I also liked how quickly the story moved. The girls decided to go on a trip and then they went on the trip and then everything went wrong. There wasn’t any lag in between, it covered a lot of ground quickly, which made the suspense a bit more thrilling for me as it never eased up.

While this is a pretty intense book and the situation the friends find themselves in is creepy and frightening and disturbing, it’s also a really good look at what happens to long term friendships when they hit a breaking point. I think the relationships between the four girls were really authentic and the tension and cracks between them all were very real. And ugly. Obviously I felt bad for the friends, but it was really interesting to witness their friendship crumbling and how easily they turned on each other and how quick they were to believe whatever they hear. Makes you think twice about your own friends, really.

This is the first C.L. Taylor book and I really enjoyed the writing and the style and most of all, I loved how I couldn’t figure out who was really behind everything until the very end. If you`re in the mood for a light but thrilling read, this is definitely the book for you.


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june 7, 2016

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