Two Book Review: Fairest & Stars Above by Marissa Meyer


Fairest by Marissa Meyer

veronica | In Fairest we finally learn about Levana and how she came to be the “evil” queen. While I thoroughly enjoyed the world that Marissa Meyer created and getting the background info into the inner tickings and motivations behind Levana, I am glad I didn’t pick these up until after I had finished Winter.

Fairest is billed as the bridge between Cress and Winter but I think it gave away too much of Levana that would have ruined Winter for me. Her story is…….sad. Not that it excuses her from who she became but it certainly explains how she reacts to situations. And understanding her difficult childhood, living in the cruel shadow of her older sister and then having to rule Luna at such a young age made me sympathize with Levana more than I wanted to.

Despite this, I really enjoyed reading this half story and gave loads of insight to the contentious relationships between Cinder, Winter and Levana.



Stars Above by Marissa Meyer

veronica | YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I honestly don’t care what anyone says about this collection of shorts, Stars Above by Marissa Meyer. I loved it. It wrapped up all the loose ends in Winter and gave us bonus of “the Little Mermaid” right off the top. I get it, everyone wanted more but getting this bonus right after Winter was the best gift Marissa could have given us.

Learning more about the plague and how it came to be, I mean, come on! While this collection isn’t entirely new material, but rather mini prequels to the stories we already know and love was the best reading I had in a while.

Stars Above does wrap up with the gang all together for the wedding we’ve all been waiting for. I wished this series didn’t have to end but I am very happy to have had this ending for a well loved series.