Book Review: The Angel of Eden by D.J. McIntosh


veronica | I’m a sucker for historical fiction and this series by D.J. McIntosh was such a delight. I’m sad that The Angel of Eden is the end of the trilogy because I feel John Madison has so much more to give and many, many adventures left in him. This series has always given me the action of a Jason Bourne but the intelligence of Sherlock.

Before picking up The Witch of Babylon, I had no idea what Mesopotamia was nor that it held such biblical importance, that it actually starts around 10,000 BC. But not only that, many of our modern studies are based on Babylonian times. Amazing right? What made this such an amazing series is how effortlessly McIntosh was able to slide these often dry historical facts into exciting dialog.

As the title suggests, in this last adventure John embarks on behalf of yet another wealthy client to recover a stolen book on angel magic. With the promise of money and even better, the promise of finally learning the origin of his birth, John heads back to Istanbul and the Near East where he discovers the true location of the Garden of Eden and those that would do anything to protect it.

This was a page turner from the get go and while I was desperate to finish it, I also didn’t want it to end. Why do good things have to end?


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june 23, 2015