Book Review: Still Mine by Amy Stuart


ashley | I’ve been trying to get my hands on a copy of Still Mine by Amy Stuart for a few months now. I read a great blurb in a magazine that caught my interest and ever since, I’ve been anxious to read this. It’s being marketed as the next Gone Girl or Girl on a Train, so I wonder what the odds are that this could be the next book turned into a film.

I really liked how this story was structured. We know that Clare’s name isn’t really her real name, we know that she is on the run from her husband, but there are a lot of other questions about her situation that come up quite early and we’re baited along through most of the story, left to theorize on our own. I like when this happens, I like trying to figure things out without being given much to go on.

I also really enjoyed the characters of the small town. They were colourful small town folk with their own secrets and inner turmoil and outer distaste for strangers and certain neighbours. Growing up in a small town I can really relate to all of this, which always makes it interesting for me to read about.

I did think that Clare was a bit aggressive in her pursuits, I know she had a job to do, but I had a hard time accepting that these closed off people would be so open with her about a missing person’s case when she’s being so aggressively nosey. She wasn’t all that subtle in her line of questioning, I just feel like if they were suspicious of her being a photographer, they had to be more guarded than they were being.

As things unravelled, nothing seemed all that surprising, but I did like how the characters started to weave together and I really liked learning more about the stories of the townsfolk, how a mine cave in tore apart all their lives in different and often overlapping ways. These were some real characters. Real complicated characters, but I really felt for them, much like Clare was feeling for them, and though I figured one of them was responsible for the missing girl, it was really hard not to fall in with the crowd.

The way things came together in the end was actually surprising for me, which is huge. At one point or another, I could see everyone as a suspect, but the way it played out was really bittersweet and not entirely expected. I really appreciated this unique way to approach your typical what-happened-to-the-missing-girl story arc and while that was all pretty much tied up in the end, I liked how there are still some loose ends for Clare that create questions or even perhaps a follow up book.


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march 1, 2016 in Canada
august 16, 2016 in the US

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