Book Review: The Midnight Watch by David Dyer


veronica | When I first came across The Midnight Watch by David Dyer, I had high hopes, I felt that I would automatically love it, afterall, who didn’t love James Cameron’s Titanic? But this isn’t about the Titanic, per se, but the actions and inactions of the SS Californian on the fated night the Titanic met her fatal end by iceberg.

In this fictional telling following the aftermath of the sunken Titanic, John Steadman, a Boston Journalist with a nose for the truth, doggedly follows this tragic story across the ocean and never gives up. Even well into his 60s.

Everybody knows the story of the unsinkable ship and it’s much more affluent passengers, but in The Midnight Watch, we get to hear the stories from third class passengers and what might have been the dialog between the captain of the SS Californian, Stanley Lord and Second Officer, Herbert Stone who witness the Titanic’s distress rockets.

Reading about the Californian’s refusal to come to the aide of the Titanic, despite being the closest, was heart-wrenching. So many souls lost that could have been saved had Lord offered assistance. Whether it was cowardice or just ignorance, we will never really know since the real Stanley Lord never relented in his denial.

This new perspective that Dyer offered in this debut novel was refreshing to read and recommended for anyone with an interest in the Titanic. And I didn’t even mind that there wasn’t a sweeping love story.


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april 5, 2016

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