Book Review: Sixth Grave on the Edge


veronica | There was a time I was ashamed that I loved the Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones so much but in my old age I no longer care. It’s my guilty pleasure and while it is full of supernatural elements, it’s pleased me well beyond any of the Sookie Stackhouse books ever did. Take that, True Blood!

This series never fails to put a smile on my face every time I pick a new installment up, whether it’s because Charley is such a relatable (okay, maybe not that relatable, she is a grim reaper) or it’s because Jones’ tongue in cheek writing, it always hits the spot when I am in between books.

In Sixth Grave on the Edge, Charley is still on the fence about marrying Reyes, at least until she knows more about his past, which unfortunately, Reyes doesn’t want her to know.

As with every installment, Charley is pulled into several investigations that only someone with her particular skill set, the ability to commune with the dead and a set of very handy friends, is able to solve the cases.

This one in particular really got to me, the mysterious disappearances of a dozen little girls, whose final resting place was found and they finally got the peace and justice they never sought.

While each book follows a formula, this is definitely one formula that I will never tire of.


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may 20, 2014