Book Review: Delirium by Lauren Oliver


ashley | I don’t know what I’ve been saving the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver for, but I know that I’ve been super excited to read it, but super hesitant to actually pick it up. But mid-July I took a week off to spend at my parents setting up for my wedding and I decide to bring Delirium with me for some down time reading (there was hardly any down time, I don’t know what I was thinking). I couldn’t have picked a better book to jump into pre-wedding. A book all about a love sickness. How sweet it is.

My desire to preserve this series was not unjust, I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to continue the series. It has all the elements you find in a dystopian YA book, most of which is expected and not necessarily unique, but there’s a satisfaction to all of this, even when you know where the story is going, it still keeps you on your toes.

Oliver is a great writer, I love how she crafts some of the passages here. There are a number of great scenes where Lena describes hearing music for the first time, reading poetry for the first time, and it’s downright beautiful. The descriptions are so accurate, Oliver basically allows the reader to experience these things we take for granted again for the first time. I was left almost breathless.

A book about a love sickness obviously means there’s going to be a love story. I really liked this story between Lena and Alex. Again, Oliver does a great job describing these first feelings of love and that exploration. She doesn’t over analyze or over describe, but you get a true sense of what it really feels like to fall in love and witnessing Lena go through these emotions I found quite powerful.

Not to mention I just absolutely love the idea of comparing love to an actual disease. It’s been so well drafted out, the symptoms, the feelings, the reactions, it makes it so easy to believe that yes, it really could be a disease that makes people crazy. How better to describe it?

I haven’t been reading as many books like this lately, so jumping back into this genre with this series really re-ignited my love for reading and for the feeling I get after finishing a book like this, some weird mix of hope and inspiration and, I suppose, love. I’m definitely late to the party on this series, but if you’ve been putting it off like I have, what are you waiting for?


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august 2, 2011