Book Review: What Goes Around Part Two: Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers


ashley | The second part of the What Goes Around combination book by Courtney Summers is Some Girls Are which is, in my opinion, one of the best things I’ve read by Summer so far.

At this point, I already knew Summers was a great, raw writer. She takes various stereotypes and turns them into stories and explores the dark side of growing up. I’ve praised that in every review I’ve written about her books. But Some Girls Are is so much more than that. It is such a scary and in depth look at the mean girl, it left me shuddering.

In Cracked Up To Be, Parker chose to punish herself by becoming the outcast. In Some Girls Are, Regina is frozen out of her group of popular girls. She has no say in the matter, her life is completely at the mercy of these mean girls and we’re watching her fall from grace to live the life she so often gave others.

The rollercoaster ride is stomach turning. Regina is ostracized and bullied and tormented and she keeps pushing back, keeps trying to get the upper hand, keeps trying to find some sense of revenge. It so easily lays out this vicious cycle that unfortunately is a real cycle in high school. And what’s even more stomach turning is the fact that all of this started with her nearly being raped and no one believing her.

The group of mean girls was well crafted; you really get the social dynamic, how it’s all built on insecurities and fear and invoking fear in others to fight your own fears away. I realize that the mean girl concept isn’t new and none of these descriptions are surprising, but I still feel it’s so important to continually bring attention to this and it’s still very eye opening to read about it in such a potent way.

I knew people like this in highschool, I saw things like this happen. Luckily not to this extent, but I certainly felt some of the same things and probably doled out a bit of it myself. Girls are mean, they are vicious, they are cruel animals. That’s the gist of it and this was a very vivid look into that life and man, is it scary.


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january 5, 2010