ARC Book Review: Replica by Lauren Oliver


ashley | After a disappointing finish to Lauren Oliver’s Delirium series I was both anxious and hesitant to pick up this new series, Replica. It looks like a promising series and I’ve always enjoyed Oliver’s work, but I have to admit that my unshakably blind faith has been a little bit shook. So I went into this with some apprehensions. Thankfully, my faith has been wholeheartedly restored!

This is a book about clones. Sorry, replicas. I was worried it would fall into some familiar patterns and known story arcs, but Oliver takes this to a place all her own. A creepy medical facility, two girls with unknown pasts, some kind of conspiracy; there’s a lot of layers to this novel and it doesn’t disappoint.

I loved Lyra. She was naive and curious and watching her start to grow and figure out the real world is what I love about books like this. I also loved the budding relationship between her and 72. The feelings they were experiencing without knowing what they were, it was all so innocent and sweet and I liked how it slowly unraveled. I also loved Gemma. She was kind of the opposite of Lyra, but they both cross paths and turn each other’s worlds completely upside down. They were a great pair to take on this adventure and the characters they meet along the way just added to my enjoyment.

What I thought was really neat about this was how it was told in two different but interconnecting stories. Part one focuses on Lyra, while part two focuses on Gemma. And yet, Lyra and Gemma cross paths in both parts and you see the same circumstance in each part, but from each character’s point of view. This was really well done and I liked how there were subtle differences to the same situation because of each individual view.

What was even cooler about this was the blatant example of how other people see you is far more complimentary than how you see yourself. For example, when we first meet Gemma, she seems so strong and confident and sure of herself. But when we relive that scene from Gemma’s point of view, she’s scared and insecure and totally different than how she comes off from Lyra’s perspective. Whether this was intentional or not, there are so many beauty campaigns that focus on these sorts of distorted perceptions that, to see the same thing in a book like this, was really, really cool and made me very excited.

I was very happy with where this book took us and I am very excited to read more. This only touched upon the clone conspiracy, giving us enough to build the suspense and excitement, but not enough to give it all away. And yet, it also seemed action packed from the very start. I loved this, Oliver has done it again and I need the next book now!


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october 4, 2016

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