Book Review: Americosis Vol. 3 by Haydn Wilks


ashley | I devoured the Americosis Volume 1 and Volume 2 novellas by Hadyn Wilks in single sittings. They were wild and action packed, with quite a punch to leave you breathless, but not enough to keep you fully satisfied for a long period of time. That’s why I jump on each volume as soon as Wilks reaches out to me, and Volume 3 was no different. I read this in one sitting as well and I’m ready for more.

This is probably the most action-packed of the three novellas and we are finally starting to see some things come together. People are starting to cross paths, we are starting to get an idea of the bigger picture. Though there’s still so much happening that my mind is still spinning. As always, there’s a lot of clever and humorous and often times vulgar writing, but it fits in really well with the overall tone and feeling of this series.

I keep saying I have a hard time reviewing these short novellas, that reading these snippets into a bigger and ongoing story in small chunks is difficult. But something occurred to me as I read through this volume; writing short novellas allows Wilks to stay very present with his writing. Americosis Volume 3 is very political and much of it mirrors what is happening in US politics right now. It’s scary how accurately predicted Wilks’ writing is, how his over exaggerated chaos is actually really close to being something that I could actually see happening.

There is a part in this volume that mentions authors who wrote books and the plots of those books were pretty much coming true in real life. That is what I feel like when I’m reading these novellas, that Wilks is somehow predicting a very scary future for us with his words and I for one am going to keep reading so I can be prepared for the worst.


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september 21, 2016

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