Book Review: Winter by Marissa Meyer


veronica | I couldn’t wait for the final book in the Lunar Chronicles and yet I didn’t want to pick it up because I never wanted this series to end! By now you must know that I’ve gushed about Marissa Meyer and her wicked retelling of some of the most beloved fairytales. Her ability to give such strong feminist voices to these characters is what really appealed to me.

In Winter we learn more of Levana’s stepdaughter, Princess Winter and how she became a princess. While Levana believes Winter to be weak and rather meek, she had been undermining Levana’s control for years. Together with Jacin, who threw away his dreams of being a doctor just so her could protect Winter, this pair was destined to be together despite him just being a palace guard.

The Lunar Chronicles was simply one of those series that just snuck into my heart and stayed. I never really expected to like it, let alone LOVE IT. There have been plenty of authors who have tried to varying success, of re-tellings of classics, but Meyer took it one step further and seamlessly adding in the Sci-Fi factor and doing it so well you wondered why it can’t all be this awesome.

It’s hard enough to retell one classic, but to do that with 4 different sets of main protagonists and add in their love interests while weaving all 4 storylines into a new yet as old as time tale, is something that is to be admired. And enjoyed.


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november 10, 2015