ARC Book Review: Cover Me In Darkness by Eileen Rendahl


ashley | I was drawn to Cover Me in Darkness by Eileen Rendahl because it was about cults and mental illness and secrets from the past coming back to haunt someone. I haven’t read too many books that revolve around cults, especially not cults that lead to the death of children, so this was intriguing for me.

There was a good mix to this story; it takes place well after the events of the cult and Amanda has a pretty normal life in a lab where she’s testing an incredible new product, but then the past events of her life come back to cause chaos in her present. There’s two stories overlapping here, one that has to do with this mysterious cult and one that has to do with false positives on Amanda’s lab work. I really liked how there were two strands to this and how we weren’t sure whether it was all connected or if Amanda was just having a really bad month.

There’s been a few reviewers saying Amanda isn’t very likable. I guess that’s true, she’s cold and distant and a bit of a loner, but I liked her. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t react in a lot of the same ways she did if I had experienced the same things she did. So the fact that this eventually turned into a is she or isn’t she crazy kind of book doesn’t speak well for me. I was kind of disappointed things went in this direction though, Amanda never once seemed crazy or overly stressed by any of this. And yes, you could argue that the past being brought back up and shoved in her face could cause that, but it seemed like another easy ending and this book had the makings for something so much more than that.

My problem was that at times this was a bit too simple and as a result, it seemed a bit too predictable. Certain “clues” seemed a bit too obvious, like small details were mentioned but seemed a bit too out of place to be mentioned casually so you kind of knew to keep that detail in the back of your mind. It tried hard to throw you off in certain directions, but somehow even that was a bit too easy to avoid. Eventually the characters catch up, but there were definitely moments when I felt I was a bit ahead of the book. Unfortunately, that’s huge for me. I like being kept on my toes, I like having my mind blown when things end up in a direction I never saw coming, but this ultimately ended exactly as I expected it would.

It was a decent read though. I did really like the concept of it and how the cult upbringing had a hand in everything that was happening. I thought the end was a bit convenient, the overall reason all of this was happening wasn’t anything too torrid, but it was a quick paced and entertaining read.


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december 8, 2016

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