Book Review: Eyes of Autumn by Cynthia Wise


ashley | I was admittedly hesitant when I picked up Portrait of Rage, the first installment of Cynthia Wise’s Marcel series. I wasn’t sure what to expect but ended up really enjoying the supernatural story. So when I was sent the follow up, Eyes of Autumn, I was a lot more open and anxious to read it, not to mention curious as to how this would tie in to the first book. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy this sequel as much as the first installment. 

I did think it was interesting how it was tied to the first book, not by featuring the same characters, but by drawing upon another character from the first novel and making small mentions of the others. I enjoyed that it wasn’t a full fledged sequel and Wise took this as an opportunity to explore other creatures and characters.

I also liked the supernatural elements in this; there were some unique creatures, not what you would typically expect, which was a nice change. And I liked the deeper reason as to why Marcus and Katie were drawn together, but this book really poured on the sexual romance. I got a taste of it in Portrait of Rage, but there was a solid supernatural story taking place as well that created an interesting balance, and while there was a story here too, the lusting and the sexual references were a lot more prominent and to me, it kind of dominated the story. I just got a strong Christian Grey vibe from Marcus and the book had an overall Twilight vibe for me and I have a lot of strong opinions about both of those books, so I just didn’t care much for that familiar feeling, no matter how sexy Marcus’s chuckle was.

Honestly, this book didn’t do much to hold my interest. The character lusting overpowered the plot points and I found it difficult to take much more from this than the romance. It did get a lot more interesting towards the end and I feel had I reached that point sooner, I wouldn’t have had this same opinion. 

But, if that is your bag and what you expect going into this, Wise does a great job with it. Like I said, the creatures are unique, Katie is stubborn and not totally submissive to Marcus’s obsessive/possessive ways and I liked how she slipped into Scottish rogue throughout, as she drew more upon her past. This held some interesting elements at the beginning and the end, I just lost sight of that somewhere in the middle.


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october 31, 2016

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