CityGirl Interview: Author Alli Mang

your-first-moment-front-coverashley | The world we are living in is changing and most people will be faced with having to change jobs numerous times throughout their career.  Alli Mang’s Your First Moment Earns You More Moments – Stand Out in Today’s Job Market is filled with tips and information for people who are looking to make a change or for those who find themselves out of work. But before I get to our review, we had a chance to talk with Mang about why she thought it want important to write this book.

CGS: How would you describe Your First Moment Earns You More Moments?

AM: Your First Moment Earns You More Momentsis an urgent call-to-action to understand the business of selling yourself: who are you, your sense of personal value, your expertise, and your reputation – which makes up your personal brand.

You did an extensive amount of research.  Can you describe your process?

For a year and a half, I interviewed over 250 high performance professionals including elite endurance athletes, Broadway performers, CEO’s, ER nurses, paramedics, fire fighters, pitch people and guest experts from the largest shopping channels in the world. I wanted to gain a clear perspective on what it takes to consistently deliver top results every time you get a chance and felt these people could provide the answers. I discovered that there are tremendous similarities of how these top performers prepare, focus and deliver results.

Your First Moment Earns You More Moments unveils the secrets and explains the totality of what it takes to deliver consistent excellence. I’ve designed the book to suit both the bottom line thinker who wants the nuts and bolts on a one-pager and the detail-craved individual who needs to be wooed and enticed to be convinced. If you want to get to the root of what higher performance selling is all about, this book is for you. There is no book like it in the marketplace today.

Why does this book stand out among all the books out there to help people find work?

 Your First Moment Earns You More Momentshelps you answer the more important questions – what makes you special, marketable, valued and valuable in your competitive professional environment. It helps people to quickly discover ways to bring out the best in themselves. To become their own authority on how to sell themselves and to celebrate and identify their own power within of what makes them a stand out right now! This knowledge will help you find work quickly because you will be way more focussed and ready to react and refine your pitch to any decision makers over people who have not read this book.

How does it compare to other books and why would someone pick this book up?

So many other books and articles send a message out that you must go away and work, work and even hide away to become something special/something different. My whole point is you are special now. You are marketable now. You are valued and valuable now. If you can’t see that or are in a position right now doesn’t allow you to see that, or you find it awkward to know how to sell yourself with integrity and without pretense, that is why this book was created.

Your First Moment Earns You More Moments is:

  1. Short & Easy to Remember – It is action oriented. Using charts and visuals, similar messages are repeated in different ways that speak to many people at one time. Everyone can pick this book up and get some insight they can apply to their career.
  2. Relatable – The reader can relate to thestories I have shared because I have included different demographics throughout my book and they are regular people just like you and me. They just happen to be doing extraordinary things because they know what differentiates themselves.
  3. Reassuring – Through the strategic use of quotes, other people’s stories and my own sharing of mistakes and successes, I want people to feel that if we choose to see that there is a bigger plan in place for all of us and today is the day to start to see that for ourselves. Each person has differentiating strengths they can identify and capitalize on.

 What do you think are the most challenging issues that young people are facing when finding work?

 Worldwide competition is a huge challenge. As a result, we must make it a priority to understand what differentiates us from our competition. This knowledge will grow and refine as we grow and refine. That is why I provided 3 trademarked sales strategies that work.

Be sure to check back Thursday for our review of Your First Moment…