Book Review: The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith


ashley | I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews for The Cuckoos Callingby Robert Galbraith, but the plot sounded  interesting enough to me that I figured I’d take a shot. It wasn’t until after starting that  I discovered it was actually written by J.K. Rowling under a pseudonym, and that makes me wonder whether a lot of people had different expectations for this post-Harry Potter book and even if they didn’t intend to, set this book up to fail before it ever took off. Somehow I was able to keep this separate from all of this noise and ultimately I quite enjoyed this little detective book.

I’m usually pretty good at piecing together mystery novels, I’ve read a ton of them, but this kept me on my toes for a good portion of things and kept me interested for just as long. I liked the characters, I liked the detective Strike and how more of his life comes into play than just what happens in his detective office. I thought the addition of his temp Robin was a great start to developing a kind of Batman and Robin dynamic. I liked how all the pieces fell together, even though at times it seemed like there was a lot happening to intentionally throw us off.

There’s been a few comments about the writing and how Rowling should have stuck with fantasy, but I wasn’t bothered by her writing style here. I wasn’t blown away, there wasn’t anything fascinating about the way this book was written, it was kind of your general run of the mill detective mystery, but like I said, it kept me on my toes and that’s really all I can hope for from a book like this.

Granted, the ending wasn’t that uncommon and likely a lot of people probably saw it coming a mile away. It’s basically your typical old motive and not all that surprising, perhaps a bit underwhelming. But I really didn’t mind the journey to get there and I liked the investigative plot points and the array of colourful characters who all helped tie it all together.


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april 30, 2013