ARC Book Review: Bad Boy by Elliot Wake


ashley | A few months ago, I stumbled onto a book that totally blew my mind. This book was Unteachable by Leah Raeder, who already has an incredible fanbase with nothing but great reviews. I was so excited to find a new author that I immediately googled everything I could and stumbled on an incredible personal story. That is not my story to share, but to fuel my excitement with this new found author, Simon and Schuster were kind enough to send me Raeder’s, who is now known as Elliot Wake, new book Bad Boy and I couldn’t wait to get started.

I didn’t know going into this that Bad Boy is based in the world of a few of Wake’s other books, Black Iris and Cam Girl. These are on my list to read, but I’ve never actually read them, so I was worried this would be lost on me. However, Wake does a great job of rebuilding that world for a new reader; I can only imagine what it would be like as a seasoned reader!

I really liked the concept of a vigilante group of girls seeking vengeance on men who have wronged women. This was incredibly cool for me. I also really liked Ren’s personal transition story, there was a lot of information and personal input, I’m sure a lot of Wake went into this part of the story and it is a great read done in a really strong and uncensored way.

However, I’m not sure I liked these two stories blending together. Actually, it was a little more than two stories blending, there was a LOT of stuff happening in this novel, a lot of different tangents and ideas and things that I thought were really great, but not necessarily that great when thrown together. I felt like so much was happening that there wasn’t an opportunity for one part to fully blossom.

What I loved so much about Unteachable was how every aspect was so well written and thought out. There was a strong sexual aspect, but it didn’t overshadow the plot and that didn’t overshadow the complexity of the characters. To me, Bad Boy felt kind of messy and all over the place. There were some really strong aspects, but these really overshadowed the plot and the whole thing seemed a little unbalanced.

I don’t want to dissuade anyone from reading this, because I do like everything this book stands for and what it represents in the end and how it all comes together. It isn’t poorly written, what I loved before is still very present here, that hasn’t changed. But I think this book went through a few transitions in its publishing process and unfortunately, I think that is kind of glaring in this final product. However, I am really excited to go back and explore the Black Iris world and can’t wait to see what Wake puts out next. I love his take and view of the world and how he presents it; it’s so raw and leaves you feeling so vulnerable and wide eyed.


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