Book Review: Paper and Fire by Rachel Caine


ashley | I deeply enjoyed Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine, much more than I thought I would. It was a beautiful homage to books and book lovers with an incredibly built world and lots of action. I somehow missed the release of its successor, Paper and Fire, but I was excited to continue this magical little story.

I don’t know if it’s because a lot of time has passed since I read Ink and Bone, but I had a really hard time getting into Paper and Fire. It just wasn’t grabbing me. I remember Ink and Bone built up this incredible world that really fascinated me, and that is still the case here, but there isn’t much more than that. It felt like there was no real direction, no real plot. I mean, things happened, but it was things that always happen in books like this. People ran, they got caught, they escaped, they got caught,  they ran into another obstacle, they over came it, the people who died, didn’t. Nothing really went anywhere.

Also, the characters didn’t seem to develop much, or at least not into anything that I found alluring enough to make me want to follow them. I was confused by the romance between Jess and Morgan, it didn’t seem genuine. I actually felt there was a stronger connection between Khalila and Dario than the two who we are supposed to primarily root for. They both seemed awkward with each other and frankly Morgan just seemed miserable all the time. Which I guess isn’t a surprise given the details we find out toward the end of the book, which to me, seemed to come out of nowhere.

The end of the book definitely redeemed itself and reminded me why this was such a great concept and an exciting idea and it makes me so sad that it took me that long to be reminded of that. This really is one of the cooler concepts I’ve read in a long time, I just felt that this second book lacked a bit of direction and just reiterated a lot from the first book without taking any step forward until the very end.


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july 5, 2016