Book Reviews: Late Night Partners: A Tale of Vampires and Twentysomethings Kindle Edition by Fennel Steuert


ashley | A few months ago, I had the opportunity to connect with author Fennel Steuert to read his book Reality and Me All Capeless, which was a unique and vibrant read for me, a new experience if you will. Steuert recently published another piece of work, a “substantially-sized short literary horror(ish) story” called Late Night Partners: Vampires and TwentysomethingsLate Night Partners: Vampires and Twentysomethings, which proved to be another unique story from an author who continually keeps me on my toes.

While I missed reading this in time for Halloween, I did read it in one sitting in a near-pitch dark room, so the eeriness was still there to set the mood for what turned out to be a glimpse into the aftermath of a nephew tending to his uncle who just recently got bitten by a vampire. In these few pages, we meet vampires and ghouls and see how the life of the underworld can be a bit wearing on it’s victims.

As is my feeling with most short stories, I never get the opportunity to really immerse myself into the story before it’s over. That was the case here, it was a short snippet of a couple of nights and it flew by so quickly I’m not even sure what happened. But I liked how Steuert brought a sense of normalcy to these creatures of the night, how they commingled with human Roger pretty easily and he handled the whole crazy situations relatively well.

As Steuert often does, he’s built a tiny world with large characters and has given us a little look into a very creative and descriptive mind.


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october 26, 2016

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