ARC Book Review: A List Of Cages by Robin Roe


ashley | Full disclosure: I accidentally requested an ARC of A List of Cages by Robin Roe. I hadn’t fully committed to reading it yet, but while looking for more information ended up submitting my request. So this started as an obligatory read, but I quickly realized this was going to be a very lucky stumble onto something really great.

Roe has a way of writing with such realness. We are first introduced to Julian, a shy and awkward and confused kid and Roe is spot on with all the insecurities and emotions that overwhelm such an individual. I couldn’t help but think this would be great for a number of high school kids who didn’t fit in, it really gives the reader that sense that these are normal and natural feelings during a time when you feel anything but.

Opposite of Julian is Adam, an over-exuberant ADHD kid who seems to be endlessly happy, without much care in the world. He’s got a core group of friends, everyone seems to like him and he’s charming as heck. I’d say even I ended up with a little crush on him, it’s almost impossible not to.

But it’s the friendship between Julian and Adam that really got to me. It was so touching how Adam kind of took Julian under his wing, how he really genuinely wanted to try to help him break out of his shell and how protective he was when he realized exactly what Julian was going through.

And the characters around them, the few who showed kindness and compassion when they didn’t have to, this is the kind of book that reinstates a certain level of hope and faith in people. And frankly, we all need a bit of that right now. 

There is a point in the middle of the book where Adam expresses that sometimes, the things Julian says is like a suckerpunch to the chest. I think this part sums up this book entirely, this book is absolutely a sucker punch to the chest.


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january 10, 2017

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