Book Review: The Witches of New York


veronica | When I was given The Witches of New York by Ami McKay to read from Netgalley, I was so excited! I seem to have a particular affinity to witches and will eagerly devour most novels. My concern was that I haven’t read either of the other books by Ami but I didn’t need to. The Witched of New York stood up as its own story and never did I feel I missed anything.

Set in 1880 New York, two strong, independent women run a tea shop at a time when it wasn’t exactly safe to do so. Even more interesting is the fact that proprietresses Adelaide Thom and Eleanor St. Clair are also practicing witches. Business is booming as they cater to high society ladies of Manhattan, so much that they take on a shop girl, Beatrice Dunn. As Eleanor’s apprentice, Beatrice learns the trade and also shockingly, that she herself is also a witch.

As far as plots go in historical fiction/fantasy goes, McKay really hit the mark. The story flowed effortlessly, the characters were very real, relatable and rich. While The Witches of New York isn’t one that is action packed or fast paced, it still made for a great read for when you just want to let the story take you away somewhere.

While I thoroughly enjoyed this one, I felt the ending was a bit weak, though I think it was by design to leave you wanting more and hinting at the possibility of a sequel. Me, I hope so as I don’t think Adelaide, Eleanor and Beatrice are finished with their craft.


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october 27, 2016

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