ARC Book Review: The Burning World by Isaac Marion


ashley | After the events in Warm Bodies that started up R’s heart and his slow return to alive, we get The Burning World by Isaac Marion. While I was completely satisfied with how Warm Bodies ended, I also hoped Marion would write a sequel and I’m so glad he did! In this second installment we get a more intimate and in-depth look into Julie and R’s lives as they try to heal a broken world and bridge what’s splintered inside them too.

I seem to always be drawn to authors who can breathe such life into characters, even ones that aren’t quite alive. Marion’s ability to humanize even ex-zombies is quite the feat and made this, and his previous works, so enjoyable.

In The Burning World, Julie, R, Marcus and Nora are faced with new challenges from helping the nearlies to the sudden takeover of their home and the new regime in place, the ragtag team must face their past while trying to find a safe haven for themselves.

I found it incredibly interesting that while on this journey to find a safe home, we learned so much more of everyone, including R’s flashback to when he was first alive, before his first death. And yet, we have not learned his full name. R is unable to reconcile who he was to who he is now and I don’t think Marion will let us know R’s full name until R is able to forgive himself for his past. I just pray that it isn’t mundane like a Ryan or Richard.

One does not need to be a fan of the much over done genre of zombies to thoroughly enjoy The Burning World. Marion made sure that the characters alone would draw you in and make you care.


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