The Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle


angela | How can you love a person you don’t really know? This is the abiding questions in Kimberly Belle’s The Marriage Lie.  We meet Iris, a school psychologist, on the day after her 7th anniversary, as she learns that her beloved husband Will has died in a plane crash. But wait…he was on the wrong plane, going to Seattle, when he said he was going to Florida.  How could that be?

Why did Will lie about where he was going?  Was he even on the plane at all? What else was a lie?  With help from her twin brother, as well as a lawyer who lost his wife and child in the same plane crash, Iris tries to unravel her husband’s past, while she struggles with the crushing grief and confusion of his loss, and while threatening forces close in on her.  Who is Corban, the gym friend of Will’s that Will never once mentioned, but who knows about both of their pasts? Who is tracking her phone and sending mysterious messages from an untraceable number?  Where is the money that Will allegedly stole from his work?

The Marriage Lie is an exciting and thought provoking analysis of love, grief, and responsibility, as Iris tries to protect her husband’s reputation while questioning the very foundation of their relationship.  It’s an exciting psychological mystery, which kept me on my seat until literally the very last page, as I wondered what decisions Iris could possibly make in this confusing new reality.

Kimberly Belle does an excellent job revealing the conflicting forces of love, betrayal, and honor, without verging into cliché or easy answers.  By turns confusing, creepy, and heart-breaking, The Marriage Lie maintains a brilliant suspense until the very last page, with a really just ending.


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december 27, 2017

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