ARC Book Review: The Cutaway by Christina Kovac


ashley | As soon as I read the description for The Cutaway by Christina Kovac, I had a good feeling. No, I had a great feeling. It sounded exactly like the kind of mystery/thrillers I obsess over and the fact that Virginia was a journalist and in the media was something I could relate to personally, which would draw me in even further. I was sucked right into this book and it never let me go. I enjoyed it from beginning to end and it totally kept me spinning in circles, not sure exactly which direction I was being taken. This made me dizzy, but in that very great way.

This book actually reminded me a lot of the tv show Notorious, which focuses on the friendship between a news producer and a lawyer, however instead of lawyer, this time we see the friendship with a homicide detective. Virginia had that smart witted female ambition that I love to read about and I thought she was a well rounded character, with her own flaws that weren’t too dwelled on but were prominent enough to make her complex and interesting.

In terms of the twists and turns, I was definitely being taken for a ride. There are a handful of suspects all who seem like they’re being highlighted as the bad guy here, but with enough reasonable doubt that you can’t be fully sure who to point the finger at. When it is finally revealed and the plot unravels, it was enough of a surprise to keep me enthralled through the remainder of the book and see how it all came together. And when that moment came, when everything cleanly ties up, there’s wasn’t a sense of disappointment, there was a feeling of relief and satisfaction. I even enjoyed how things ended for the characters, too, which doesn’t always happen for me in books like this.

This wasn’t an overly complicated book and it had a bit of that cheesy, almost too easy, tv crime show feel to it, but it was a great enjoyment to read and smart enough to keep you tailing along wherever Kovac wanted to lead you. This was a very satisfying read, worthy of 5 glasses of wine and I’m so grateful to Simon & Schuster Canada for sending me this.


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march 21, 2017

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