Book Review: The Grownup by Gillian Flynn


ashley | I am a wagon jumper when it comes to Gillian Flynn. I bought into all the buzz of Gone Girl, went back to rip through Dark Places and Sharp Objects and have been on the constant search for anything that compares to what I found here. So when Flynn put out a short novella called The Grownup, I knew that even though I often have a problem with shorter stories, I had to read it. 

There were a lot of great things here. Flynn developed yet another complicatedly confident female character, which you actually got a pretty strong sense of in the super short 45 pages. The story itself was a great idea, the bulk of it had me flipping between psychological thriller and supernatural horror story, not really sure which way it would end up, full of a few different twists that I didn’t see coming. 

Not surprisingly, I found this too short. I feel like this was a pretty neat idea that could have been further explored in something longer. However, it still made me feel things, all sorts of emotions, in it’s brief existence and that is more than I usually get from short novellas like this. 

I’m biased, but Flynn does no wrong for me. I hope to see something new from her again soon to fulfill this craving for her dark mind. 

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november 3, 2015