Book Review: Starflight by Melissa Landers


ashley | Starflightby Melissa Landers is one of those books I’ve been really excited to read and have heard great things about, but have been putting off because I didn’t want to be disappointed, or worse, didn’t want to finish it and then have nothing to look forward to anymore. I got a really strong Firefly feel from the description of this and was really hoping it’d play out with that same charm so I could continue to fangirl over space travel. 

At first I thought my excitement set this book up to fail. In the beginning, I found Solara to be whiny, Doran was awful (though that was part of the point), and the way situations were handled and dynamics were built, I just wasn’t into it. It felt a lot more juvenile than I was anticipating. Thankfully that ended quickly enough and the action ramped up and I was quickly sucked right in to this space adventure. 

I have to be honest though, I really didn’t think I’d ever like Solara and Doran together. I didn’t think they’d ever grow on me and something seemed a little inauthentic about them. I was having a hard time believing he’d change his ways so quickly and easily given how awful he was as a person and to Solara in the beginning. But low and behold, eventually I warmed up to them. I liked seeing the comfort Solara had with him and catching them in those quiet, intimate moments when they forgot they were supposed to hate each other. It was a cliche, the hate to love relationship, but I enjoyed watching it grow and will always take this over instalove. 

This was a fun read, a cute little adventure, but I couldn’t help but feel that a lot this was all a little… convenient. It didn’t seem to be so much of a story as it did things happening just to set something up to happen later. The events also all seemed kind of random and just loosely tied together. And then the ending “twist” I feel is a little overdone, and at the same time anti-climactic. 

BUT this was well written and done well and I enjoyed the roller coaster ride if I didn’t stop to read too much into it all. The crew was a group of interesting characters I wish I got to know a bit better and ultimately, I enjoyed where everyone ended up and how much they grew as characters, even if I didn’t fully believe it was realistic. That’s the beauty of space adventures though, anything can happen. 

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february 2, 2016