ARC Book Review: I Found You by Lisa Jewel


ashley | Lisa Jewel worked her way onto my radar a couple years ago with The House We Grew Up In and then again last year with The Girls In The Garden, and both books made a different kind of impact to make this author stand out in my mind, so when I saw a new book, I Found You, of course I needed to add it to my collection of Jewel’s. 

I Found You had everything I love about a good thriller. A missing person, a mysterious past, the build up of a dark traumatic moment that set everything else in motion, vague clues that make you think you’ve pieced it together and then a twist to show you that you haven’t’. 

This is told from different places and different times between different characters, which I actually quite enjoyed. I like building a story from these very different pieces. I like when everything is just dangling in front of me and I’m so close to filling in the gaps, but just not quite there. This book was addicting, I so badly wanted to race to the end to know who this strange memory-less man was. 

Jewel crafts such pretty stories, even when they are dark and haunted. The characters are always kind of whimsical without being too quirky, the setting is always somewhere that seems like it’s own unique paradise, even if it’s nothing fancy or special. I love the feelings that her books give me, I always feel so filled with hope and a weird calmness, even though most of the time things are building up to something awful. 

This was a great read, something some might compare to Gone Girl, but it doesn’t have that same roughness. Everything Jewel writes makes my heart ache and this was no different. I’m glad this book found me.


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today! april 25, 2017

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