Book Review: Literally by Lucy Keating



ashley | I was hesitant about Literally by Lucy Keating. The description mentions Stranger than Fiction and it also reminded be of another movie I had seen. I just couldn’t imagine this premise bringing anything new to something I’ve seen done a few times before. But I loved Keating’s last book, Dreamology and I enjoyed her writing, so I thought I would put my hesitance aside and just see what she does with this.
I liked that Keating makes Lucy Keating a character in the book, but a character that isn’t literally a representation of herself and not actually liked by her characters. She turns herself into a kind of Nicholas Sparks-esque author and makes the main character Annabelle hate her books. I found this charming and thankful that this didn’t turn into some silly way for Keating write about herself and pitting her against her character was a really cool take.
However, this collision of worlds didn’t necessarily erupt into anything more than that. This was a really interesting opportunity for Keating to do something extra unique or over the top, but it kind of fell short. I did like the characters becoming self aware and visiting Lucy Keating’s house, but it just seemed like this was a kind of strange happenstance that could have been taken further, instead of just quickly settling back into a story plot.
That said, it was an enjoyable read, I liked the characters and their drive, I liked that Elliot was a bigger role in Annabelle’s life than just the annoying friend of her brother, I was far more team Elliot than team Will. I just wish that there was a bit more exploration in the strange land of fiction to make this really stand out for me. Perfect is boring to me and I was happy to see Annabelle come to realize the same thing. Guess we all got our happy ending.

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april 11, 2017

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