Book Review: Around The Way Girl by Taraji P. Henson


veronicaI’m not huge on reading memoirs but Around the Way Girl by Taraji P. Henson appealed to me. What drew me the most was Cookie, and any insight I could get to the woman behind her was going to be worth the read and I was not wrong. 

Ms. Henson describes her life in rich detail even when she herself grew up in the projects of South DC, poor but proud, raised by a single mother but knowing the love of both parents. Her strength in self and character made her want for more and with the help and with the help and guidance she received throughout her life, she didn’t settle for less. 

This memoir was truly encompassing and left very little out, if anything. Ms. Henson was never embarrassed by her hustle to get where she is, nor should she. She did whatever it took to give her son a better life, even if it meant the best boarding school while she worked on her shows, relegating the education to someone else. But she’s also very grateful for the help she’s received from teachers, to her father, to her agent. 

One of the more eye opening chapters was where she detailed the ongoing struggle and battle that comes with being a female actor in Hollywood, not being paid what she’s worth compared to her male co-stars. That issue is further compounded by being a female actor of colour. What makes me applaud Ms. Henson is that she literally does not GAF and will voice her opinion over this matter. I should hope that all the women in Hollywood would band together and demand equal pay for all. It’s about time, no? 


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february 9, 2017