Book Review: The Dirt on the Ninth Grave by Darynda Jones

9th grae

veronicaAfter reading every installment to date, I can officially admit I’m addicted to Charley. Not only is she smart, intuitive and a sass mouth but she is empathetic in her own unique way that makes you want to be her BFF. In Darynda Jones’ The Dirt On The Ninth Grave, we meet Janey Doerr, who is Charley, but suffering from retrograde amnesia. What made this bump so enjoyable and well done was the essence of who Charley is didn’t change and this break in the series let us re-discover and fall in love with all the characters again. 

Of course without strong supporting friends and family like Cookie, Uncle Bob, Osh and Garrett, this book would be less entertaining and enjoyable. While Janey might not remember who she is and who these people are, she can’t help but be drawn to them. Unfortunately for her tribe, Janey’s ability to feel people’s emotions and ability to tell when she is being lied to, makes it all that much harder for them to keep her safe. 

Comparatively, Ninth Grave was much slower and the plot was rather meandering, but understandably so. We had to follow along as Janey tried to remember who she is all the while knowing that something major is missing from her life. The conclusion, however, was everything that I live for in a Charley Davidson novel.


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january 12, 2016