Book Review: The Curse of the Tenth Grave by Darynda Jones

10th grave

veronicaThere are times when I just need a Charley fix, so instead of taking a break or even savouring The Curse of the Tenth Grave by Darynda Jones, I just gobbled it up as quickly as I could. Even after all this time Ms. Jones manages to keep me wanting more and hungering for the next installment. The only way I can properly describe my obsession with the Charley Davidson series is it’s book crack. It is honestly the literary equivalent of a narcotic. Or maybe I’m just crazy but I’d rather be crazy than not in this case. 

I can only imagine what being with Reyes, the son of Satan, actually is like. From what we know, he was sent to this plane to end Charley but in the greatest act of defiance, he falls in love with her instead and spent his entire life protecting her from harm.  

When you’re this investing in a character and series, eventually you’ll find something to nitpick at and I’m ready to finally tell you. Charley and Reyes. Yes, them. They are so crazy in love with each other but spend so little time actually being together, and sure, reading about them in their daily lives, doing mundane things might get tedious but how can 2 people spend so little time talking? It seems like mostly Charley sneaks around finding out stuff about Reyes and he spends it brooding and afraid he’s not good enough for her.  

For the past little while, Ms. Jones seems to be laying out the groundwork for a spin-off series, which makes me sad to think that Charley’s story may be coming to an end but as with any great writer, a prophecy is open to interpretation. 


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june 28, 2016