Arc Book Review: The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda

perfect stranger

ashley | The premise of The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda didn’t seem much like a stranger to me; a woman runs away to a middle-of-nowhere town to escape her past and moves in with a roommate she hasn’t seen in years, a roommate who ends up disappearing and it’s up to the woman to uncover the truth behind what is happening, and she uncovers more than she bargained for!  

It’s the set up for typical books of this genre and I wasn’t expecting much more that your typical who-dunnut, but I was pleasantly surprised with where this took me. What I thought I knew, never came to be, I was kept on my toes by a number of twists, there was a whole lot going on here to confuse the clear path of what was happening, but none of it seemed to exist only to throw us off track. I really loved the thrill of this, trying to uncover what was really happening. 

I liked Leah Stevens as a character. She was definitely flawed and didn’t always do the right thing or listen to those who might have been giving her good advice, but she was smart and driven and determined to unravel what exactly was happening here. I liked how the book never tried to over justify her actions, the secret she was running from was a blurred line that was left up to the reader to see what side they fell on. 

I also liked the other characters in the book, even those who were under Leah’s suspicion. Even when everything comes to light, there’s still a certain likability about the people involved and a realization for Leah that gives her something to grow from.  

It’s hard to say too much without giving anything away, but usually I can see where books like this are going and Miranda did a great job of not overcomplicating things while keeping her intentions unclear. I love being blindsided like this and I devoured this book in one sitting, needing to know who was playing who, who could be trusted and who, ultimately, was the stronger among them. 


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april 11, 2017

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