ARC Book Review: Our Little Secret by Roz Nay


ashley | It doesn’t happen to me often, but I was left without words after finishing Roz Nay’s debut thriller Our Little Secret. This was one of those reads that went barreling along in a certain direction and then all of a sudden it veered wildly off track, leaving me with a feeling of stunned whiplash. 

At first this seemed like a coming of age love story, something that spanned the friendship of HP and Angela from high school to college to adulthood. Everyone would argue that they were soulmates, and they kind of were, creating this incredibly beautiful friendship that slowly blossomed into something more.  

I really loved the beginning of this story. I loved this friendship between Angela and HP and even with the people in their lives around them. It seemed like a really natural, relatable high school love story without it being too cheesy. It really sucked me in and made me feel all kinds of things for these characters. 

And then the train derailed. Not in a sense that things went downhill, completely the opposite. This relatively innocent little love story starts to get more complicated and a little bit darker and people make mistakes and the hurt each other and you move into another completely natural, relatable almost-adult love story, with obstacles to overcome and pain to endure and the lingering hope that eventually, these two floundering souls will find their way back to each other. 

And then things completely derail. Again, the book doesn’t go downhill, but the final turn completely blindsided me and left me with so many conflicting feelings. Characters I loved were doing things I hated. Things and actions weren’t making sense to me, the happy ever after pieces just weren’t coming together no matter how hard they tried to force them. Everything was pretty chaotic. In the best way possible. 

At the very core, this was a thrilling mystery that tries to uncover the truth about a girl who goes missing. We’re following Angela as she relates a statement to the police about her possible but denied involvement, a tone that sometimes bothered me as we went along but eventually grew natural. She narcissistically makes the officer listen to her entire sordid story about her young love, which starts out very passionate and swoony and then morphs into a completely different monster. 

I haven’t felt this conflicted and unsettled at the end of a read in quite some time, but I’m not entirely sure I actually liked the ending. The entire story was very strong, very two-sided, very conflicting, but the ending was just sort of expected, though I could never once with full confidence say I knew how it would turn out. 

This book was a rollercoaster and it threw me and my emotions all over the place. It was very manipulative in that sense, much like many of the characters, and I was completely pulled into the messed up little game they were all playing. So do our fated love birds finally get their happy ending? Well, that, my friends, is our little secret. 


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today! june 6, 2017

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