ARC Book Review: The Child by Fiona Barton


ashley | The Child by Fiona Barton was everything I love about thrillers. It was a fast-paced, interesting and twisty read and I couldn’t get enough of these characters and this story. 

Told from the different points of views of the characters, we are introduced to a couple who lost their baby, a girl who holds a terrible secret and the reporter who is determined to uncover it all. I loved each character; they were all dealing with difficult situations and were also not entirely trustworthy, keeping you continuously questioning the truth about their individual situations. I really grew to feel personally connected to them as well, as I learned their story. It’s not surprise that Kate, the reporter, got so involved in this case. It was alluring and these women were so genuine and so lost, you wanted nothing more than to help them. 

Barton sprinkled enough real life into each story as well, there were some affairs, there were mental illnesses, all these other aspects that added layers to this story without fully complicating the situation or making it too confusing. It was a great balance between too much happening and it being too transparent. 

I was kept on edge until the very end, not ever entirely sure what was going to happen or how Barton would be able to explain away the tale she was telling. When the ending finally exposed itself, I was happily satisfied. It seemed like such a simple explanation, yet there was so much throughout that kept me from totally discovering everything before the book revealed it. I loved this read and definitely want to read more of what Barton has to offer. She knows how to spin a tight web that will never, fully, let you go. 


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june 29, 2017

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