Book Review: Feel Me Fall by James Morris


ashley | I’ve been a fan of James Morris for a while now, having read his previous books What Lies Within and Melophobia. Both were unique and smartly written, focusing a lot on human nature and human reaction. Morris has a background in writing for TV and I’ve come to respect him as a reliable author, so when he sent me his latest book, Feel Me Fall, I wanted nothing more than to fall right into it, and I have to say, this may be his best novel yet.

I thought this was going to be a Lord of the Flies like survival story, and while there were some undeniable similarities, there was also a whole other level of depth that rounded this out. I loved the structure, flipping from the present to what happened after the plane in the jungle to high school. As Emily travels further into the jungle with the surviving students, we travel further back in time to see how these students interacted within those closed high school walls. I found this really interesting, to compare the characters in civilization to their time in the jungle and see what raw parts really start to run wild without any kind of looming authority or consequence.

Morris is great at making his characters relatable and this time around is no different. I saw a lot of myself in Emily, imagined myself feeling a lot of similar things she described when faced with her situation. I really enjoyed Emily’s backstory, learning about her friendship with bff Viv and her budding forbidden romance, which added a bit of unexpected spice to this survival story, and seeing how her life intertwined with the other characters she was left stranded with. Even as things grew darker and we started to learn more of Emily’s secrets and maybe see another darker side to her, I couldn’t help but connect with her vulnerability and raw, primal need to survive. It wasn’t pretty, but it felt really real and I love when a character strips themselves down like that.

There were some horrific scenes in here as well. Everything that happened in the jungle… Morris created quite the canvas for a deep and disturbing story that gripped you tightly and didn’t let go. I felt the fear and panic of the characters through the page, I was nauseated by the scenes they uncovered as they traveled further into the jungle. Emily teased the reader with the story of what happened and it slowly unraveled for you, but that suspenseful time was the most fun, the time where we did’t know how Emily came to be the sole survivor and if she was a hero or a villain.

I’ve come to believe events don’t change you; they reveal you.

This quote towards the end of the book best sums it up in its entirety. This was a rough and unpleasant look at what kind of people we are when put in an unimaginable situation. It slowly peeled away the layers of each character and then turned the judgement towards the reader, forcing you to try an determine what you might do. Though how things wrap up may not come as a total surprise, Morris kept me on the edge of my seat, throwing out more than one curve-ball and pulled out all the stops for this one and it is one adventure I’m never going to forget.


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may, 2017

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