Audiobook Review: But What If We’re Wrong by Chuck Klosterman


ashley | I’m a big fan of Chuck Klosterman. I think I’ve read all of his books so far, and I have multiple copies of said books on my shelf. So of course I jumped into But What If We’re Wrongas soon as I could. 

I’ve had such success with audiobooks lately that I thought this would be the true test of whether or not I’m an audiobook fan. I thought I’d listen to an author I love, read by someone of his choice. This was the first time listening to something not read by the person who wrote it. I did not like it. Whether that had an impact on my overall enjoyment of the book, I’m not sure, but I certainly found I wasn’t as drawn in to the book and found my mind drifting from time to time. 

That aside, I did enjoy the book for the most part. As with anything that covers a variety of topics, there were definitely parts that I resonated with much more than others, but there were a handful of moments that made me stop and consider whether Klosterman was right and we are all wrong about our thinking. He touches on pop culture situations like that stupid blue/black or white/gold dress, as well as the general thought of history, all pertaining to different perceptions and it really does make you pause. 

I really enjoyed the pieces about books and literature, and the first half of the book that talked more about history and mentions Aristotle and Galileo, but then there is a large chunk about the NFL that I really cared little about. He then moved a bit more into pop culture, which I typically love, but for some reason, I’m not sure it totally worked for me this time around. 

I love Klosterman’s writing and it’s just as strong here. He raises great points, puts out interesting thoughts and theories, but never seems preachy or pretentious. If nothing else, these topics make great fodder for conversation and thought provoking discussions and that’s what I’ve always enjoyed about his writing. This hasn’t been my favourite book, but I always feel a sense of calm and grounding when I spend some time with Klosterman’s thoughts and that is still very apparent after finishing this one. 


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june 7, 2016