Audiobook Review: The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer


ashley | Though it seems right up my alley, I actually have no point of reference for Amy Schumer’s work. I’ve never seen her show, I haven’t seen any stand up, I’ve only seen her on social media and her movie Trainwreck, which I enjoyed for the most part. But I wanted to read her book, The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo. I thought this would be a good introduction to her, as a person, before jumping into seeing her perform on stage. 

What I love about listening to Amy tell her story is how shameless she is. She constantly refers to herself as trashy, she has many stories to share to support that, but you can tell underneath it all, she’s a very bright, very ambitious girl who isn’t just making dick jokes. She’s created an entire brand and built her own little empire and is her own ladyboss. It’s inspiring. She’s inspiring! But she’s also very relateable and seemingly down to earth, which won me over instantly.  

I was surprised by how genuine the book was too. Schumer has had to deal with a lot in her life, most of which you can see in her stand up, but I was surprised by how her book read like a book and not just a long running joke. That likely isn’t very fair, I admit I didn’t have much in terms of expectations, but I was happy to have that thrown back in my face. 

These days, it doesn’t seem all that difficult to have a bestselling book if you’re a celebrity with a bit of a following. A lot of this fits the cliche of what you expect to see in a memoir, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a fun read. Perhaps not for everyone, if you aren’t a fan of her humour or finding humour in dark and sad situations. But I enjoyed it. I have a stronger respect for Schumer and am grateful that there are so many hard working women with the ladyballs to carve a place for themselves in what seems like an otherwise cruel and cold world of entertainment. Inundate me all you want with these kinds of books, I will keep reading them and keep drawing inspiration and motivation from them. 


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august 16, 2016