Audiobook Review: View From The Cheap Seats by Neil Gaiman


ashley | Having just finished listening to Amanda Palmer’s book The Art of Asking recently, where she speaks often of her husband Neil Gaiman, my favourite author, I thought it fitting that I picked up Gaiman’s book View From The Cheap Seats right after. I thought this was a book of essays, a chance to hear Gaiman’s opinions and thoughts outside of his fantasy novels I love so much. However, this is more of a book of speeches, recounting the various talks Gaiman has done throughout his career. 

I really enjoyed the first half of this book; Gaiman explores his love of books, book stores, libraries and librarians. It’s kind of an ode to literature and everything we book lovers love about it. The second half, however, is a lot more niche. It’s a collection of introductions to books, talks he’s given and pieces he’s written for publications and the enjoyment of each piece depends heavily on your interest in the subject matter it’s proceeding or relating to.  

But there were some great things in here. I enjoyed his piece about Stephen King, and his Stephen King impression. I enjoyed all of his talk about comics and how he got into them. Gaiman is, of course, a very smart and well written (well spoken) writer and everything here was brilliantly done. I was just hoping for a bit more insight into the mind of Gaiman, an imagined dark and haunting place I’d love to deeply explore. 


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may 31, 2016