Audiobook Review: Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman


ashley | Is there anything better than listening to Neil Gaiman’s British tongue recite the mythological stories of the Norse gods? Let me save you the trouble, no, there isn’t. Gaiman’s newest book, Norse Mythologyretells these old myths about the Norse gods we are familiar with, and some of those we may not be so familiar with, in a way that only Gaiman can. And listening to this as an audiobook took this to a whole other level.  

Gaiman combined the various tales of these Gods from different pieces of work to tell their stories and create this collection. This isn’t a work of fiction, Gaiman doesn’t create anything new based on these myths as foundation, he simply retells them, but in such a beautiful, readable way, the words are almost magic. Gaiman breathes life into each character, he doesn’t necessarily put on an act, but listening to him read his words, each character take on its own persona and totally encompasses the listener.  

I was pulled right in to each story in such a way that nothing else existed. This is something I always have trouble putting into words, but something Gaiman always does for me. He whisks me away from reality and drops me right in the middle of whatever world he has created – or recreated – in his work. This was a beautiful collection of mythology that should be a part of everyone’s collection. 


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february 7, 2017