ARC Book Review: Girl in Snow by Danya Kukafka


ashley |  Girl in Snow by Dayna Kukafka started out with a lot of promise. Told in varying points of view between Cameron, Jade and Russ, I very quickly bonded with the character of Jade, who is almost a reincarnation of me in high school, or at least how I saw myself in high school, minus the witchcraft stuff. I liked the variety of characters and points of view and how each character could add something different to the case of the dead girl, Lucinda. 

This is a murder mystery, but solving the mystery seems almost like an afterthought. It’s not a thriller, there’s no suspenseful case, the people in this small town just sort of float around in the aftermath of this death, casting judgement and jumping to conclusions and ultimately stringing together  the very different characters Cameron, Jade and Russ until finally the case is solved.

The concept of identity is really strong here and I found this one of the most interesting aspects of this book. The character descriptions were very thorough and relatable, it made the book really real for me, like describing my own sleepy town or my own high school. People spend a lot of time watching other people when they don’t know they’re being watched, which gave Kukafka a chance to let these characters really be their true, unguarded selves.

This is Kukafka’s debut, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the writing style. There are some absolutely beautiful passages and some wonderfully descriptive scenes that really painted a strong visual for me as I read. It flowed super easily, even though there was a lot of things happening over different time periods. I just really enjoyed how it all fit together.

I did find things started to lose its pace a bit more towards the end, which is odd considering the pieces finally started coming together. But I liked how it all unraveled and I grew quite fond of the characters. Kukafka let her characters show their flaws and bruises, Cameron’s passages about his inner tangles were quite moving and well described. I thought this was a strong look into the depths of people’s truths and their inner struggles and I definitely plan on reading more form Kukafka. 


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today! august 1, 2017

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